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Volume 9, No. 3 (2022)

Date published: 14 December 2022

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The Didactic Function of Narratives: Teacher discussions on the use of challenging, engaging, unifying, and complementing narratives in the history classroom

Mikael Berg & Anders Persson

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“Here comes John Curtin”: The historical consciousness of a journalists’ hero

Caryn Coatney

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Illuminating historical causal reasoning: Designing a theory-informed cognition model for assessment purposes

Uddhava Das Rozendal & Carla van Boxtel

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Representation of political conflicts in history textbooks

Djono Djono, Hermanu Joebagio, & Nur Fatah Abidin

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Linear transmission of “whiteness”: A textual analysis of a year 9 “timeline”

Kerri Anne Garrard

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Democracy is opposed to dictatorship: Danish Holocaust memory and the didactic practices of Danish history teachers

Maren Lytje

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Using historical evidence: The semantic profiles of Ancient History in senior secondary school

Lucy May Macnaught, Erika Matruglio, & Yaegan Doran

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