A/ Prof. Robert J. Parkes, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Debra Donnelly, The University of Newcastle, Australia

The editors are ultimately responsible for the academic content of the journal. Their primary responsibilities include: Directing the overall strategy of the journal; Reviewing and deciding upon submitted manuscripts to ensure sustainable and timely copy flow; Acting as an ambassador for the journal, commissioning content and fielding submission enquires as appropriate; Reviewing and approving any final copy material to be published.


Administrative Editor

Dr Melanie Innes, The University of Newcastle, Australia​

The administrative editor is often the key liaison with contributing authors and reviewers; oversees the review process workflow; and assists in the proofing and copy-editing of manuscripts. They are often the first person to contact if you have questions about the status of your manuscript or the operation of the journal.

Associate Editors

Prof. Christian Mathis, Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland​

A/ Prof. Gabriel Reich, Virginia Commonwealth University, United States (USA)

Dr Emma Shaw, The University of Newcastle, Australia

The editors delegate work to associate editors, and may deputize some decisions to them. The exact role of the associate editor will vary from person to person, and manuscripts will often be assigned to them to manage through the review process based on the topic or country of origin. They may also be responsible for reviewing manuscript of a specific type, such as book reviews, dissertation abstracts, or provocations. Often, these editors make final decisions on their assigned manuscripts, but the editors may wish to review decisions for all sections.

International Editorial Board

Established in 2014. Our international editorial board brings together outstanding scholars in the field of history education and public history. The role of editorial board member for our journal is largely honorific, recognising and celebrating important experts in the field. However, members of the board also act as a ready team of potential reviewers with an active interest in the success of the journal; and of course add credibility to our journal, and confidence in its editorial decisions.


Prof. Sirkka Ahonen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Keith Barton, Indiana University, United States (USA)

A/ Prof. Cosme J Goméz Carrasco, University of Murcia, Spain

Dr Yeow-Tong Chia, The University of Sydney, Australia

Prof. Anna Clark, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Prof. Penney Clark, University of British Columbia, Canada

Prof. Hilary Cooper, University of Cumbria, United Kingdom

Dr Christine Counsell, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Prof. Marko Demantowsky, School of Education FHNW, University of Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Kent Den Heyer, Alberta University, Canada

Prof. Alois Ecker, University of Vienna, Austria

Prof. John Fischetti, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof. Ivor Goodson, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

Dr Alix Green, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

Prof. Tom G. Griffiths, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Prof. Jerome de Groot, Manchester University, United States (USA)

A/ Prof. Mustafa Gündüz, Yıldız Technical University, Turkey

Dr Robert Guyver, Independent Academic, United Kingdom

Prof. Christine Halse, Deakin University, Australia

Prof. Emeritus Harry Haue, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Prof. Terry Haydn, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

A/ Prof. Deborah Henderson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

A/ Prof. Flora Kan, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

Prof. Mills Kelly, George Mason University, USA, United States  (USA)

Prof. Alexander Khodnev, Yaroslavl State University, Russian Federation

Dr Denisa Labischová, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Prof. Anna Larsson, Umeå University, Sweden

Peter Lee, Institute of Education, University of London (Retired), United Kingdom

Prof. Jocelyn Létourneau, University of Laval, Canada

Prof. Stéphane Lévesque, University of Ottawa, Canada

Prof. Linda Levstik, University of Kentucky, United States (USA)

Prof. Daniel Lindmark, Umeå University, Sweden

Prof. Felicitas Macgilchrist, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Germany

Prof. Julie McLeod, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Susanne Popp, University of Augsburg, Germany

Prof. Jukka Rantala, University of Helsinki, Finland

A/ Prof. Ruth Reynolds, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof. Jörn Rüsen, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in Essen, Germany

Prof.Ruth Sandwell, University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Avner Segall, Michigan State University, United States (USA)

Prof. Peter Seixas, University of British Columbia, Canada

A/ Prof Heather Sharp, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr Mark Sheehan, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Emeritus A/ Prof. Rob Siebörger, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Prof. Anthony Taylor, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

A/ Prof.Danijela Trškan, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, European Association of History Educators (EUROCLIO), Netherlands

Prof. Monika Vinterek, Dalarna University, Sweden

Prof. Edward Vickers, Kyushu University, Japan

Prof. Arja Hellevi Virta, University of Turku, Finland

Prof. Elizabeth Washington, University of Florida, United States (USA)

A/ Prof. Joseph Zadja, Australian Catholic University, Australia

Prof.James Wertsch, Washington University in St Louis, United States (USA)

Prof. Joanna Wodjon, University of Wroclaw, Poland

A/ Prof. Paul Zanazanian, McGill University, Canada


Robert Parkes

Robert Parkes

A/ Prof. Robert Parkes



Dr Debra Donnelly



Mrs Melanie Innes



Prof. Christian Mathis



Associate professor Gabriel A. Reich



Dr Emma Shaw