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VOLUME 11, NO. 1 (2024)
Publication Date: 10 January 2024
Students' historicisation of the environmental crisis: A narrative of industrialisation, ignorance and greed

Albin Sönnergren Gripe, Johan Sandahl

The banal significance of family history research: Experiences and narratives from participants of Swedish non-formal family history courses

Karen Ann Blom

Walking in their footsteps: Historical empathy and experiential learning on battlefield study tours

Sara Karn

Teaching sensitive topics: Training history teachers in collaboration with the museum

Albert Logtenberg, Geerte Savenije, Pieter de Bruijn, Timo Epping, & Guido Goijens

Analysis and interpretation of an historical photograph among future teachers of social science subjects: Research using the eye-tracking method

Denisa Labischová

Student teacher professional growth on teaching historical thinking and reasoning: A case study on the use of an observation instrument

Súsanna Margrét Gestsdóttir, Jannet van Drie, & Carla van Boxtel

Investigating adolescents’ historical reasoning skills when analyzing and interpreting an image

Kevin van Loon, Dominic Studer, & Monika Waldis

Student questioning: What does questioning reveal about prior knowledge, historical reasoning and affect?

Albert Logtenberg, Gonny Schellings, Carla van Boxtel, & Bernadette van Hout-Wolters

Context matters in history textbook studies: A call to address the socio-political landscape of textbook production

Penney Clark, Kristina Llewellyn, Rafael Capó García, & Sarah Clifford

“It is like the re-enactment show”: Narrative and historical culture among young French Canadian students

Stéphane Lévesque, Jean-Philippe Croteau

Instructing students in history museums: A systematic literature review

Brent Geerts, Fien Depaepe, & Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse

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