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VOLUME 3, NO. 1 (2016)
Publication Date: 2016


Historical literacy and contradictory evidence in a Finnish high school setting: The Bronze Soldier of Tallinn

Anna Veijola, Simo Mikkonen


Videography and student engagement: The potentials of battlefield tourism

Raynald Harvey Lemelin, Sarah Shruiff, Calla Sampson, Corey Anderson, Shannon Anderson, John Danahy, Zachary Kolasa, Kaithryn Vantil, Matthew Plows, Samuel Smith, Wesley MacDougall


Designing the Middle Ages: Knowledge emphasis and designs for learning in the history classroom

Eva Insulander, Fredrik Lindstrand, Staffan Selander


Pedagogy of oppression: Reconstruction narratives in Mississippi history textbooks 1887-1976

Kenneth V. Anthony


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