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Questions about appealing an editor's decision?

If you wish to make a genuine appeal to an editor’s decision, please submit an appeal letter to the Journal Manager. Address your appeal to the Executive Editor and explain clearly the basis for your appeal. Frequent appeals are not expected, and they rarely result in the reversal of the original decisions. Consequently, if you have received a decision to reject your manuscript, you are strongly encouraged to submit your manuscript to another journal. It should be noted that the decision to reject a manuscript for publication will often involve the editor’s judgment of priority or importance. These are things which authors usually cannot address through an appeal. The only grounds on which the Editor-in-Chief will consider an appeal include:


  • Evidence that a reviewer has made technical errors in their assessment of your manuscript.

  • Evidence that demonstrates a reviewer may have a conflict of interest, or provided an unduly biased review of your manuscript.


After receiving the appeal, editors may involve any Section Editors who handled the peer review of the original submission. Editors may confirm their decision to reject the manuscript, invite a revised manuscript, or seek additional independent expert peer review of the original manuscript.

Editors will consider one appeal per article and all decisions on appeals are final. The timely review and decision-making process for new submissions will take precedence over appeals.

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