Questions about our publication frequency?

Effective from 2020, the journal aims to publish at least two issues each year, as follows:


Open Submission Issue: The first issue of every year will be for open submissions, and its initial papers will be released during the first quarter of each year. To ensure timely availability of scholarship, manuscripts that have been successfully through the peer-review and copy-editing processes, will be added cumulatively to the content of the Open Submission Issue throughout the year, as per the table below. Given the length of time required for peer review, revision, and copy-editing, submissions received after 30 September each year, will be considered for publication in the Open Submission Issue released during the first quarter of the following year.

Special Issue/s: The second (and any subsequent) issue of each year will be a special "themed" issue. Guest Editors of a Special Issue will negotiate timelines with the Special Issues Editor, and deadlines for submission of manuscripts will be communicated directly with invited authors. Guest Editors must orchestrate and allow sufficient time for review, response, and editing; as well as revisions that may be required by the Editorial Board, who are finally responsible for what is published in the journal. Release dates of Special Issues will vary, but they typically are published during the second, third, or fourth quarters of the year.